Mignon Eberhart Mystery Bibliography: The Stories

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Table 3b: Periodical Publication of Stories

Serial Characters Collections
Bland and "Madame"
Susan Dare
Sarah Keate
James Wickwire
Mignon G. Eberhart's Best Mystery Stories
The Crimson Paw
The Cases of Susan Dare
Deadly Is the Diamond
Five of My Best


AmMagThe American Magazine MBMMystery Book Magazine
ArgosyArgosy (UK) PicRevThe Pictorial Review
ChSuTrChicago Sunday Tribune PopulPopular Publications
ChTribChicago Tribune RedbkRedbook
ColliersCollier's SDAStartling Detective Adventures
DelinThe Delineator SEPThe Saturday Evening Post
DragThe Dragnet Magazine SuspenSuspense
EFCEverywoman's Family Circle ThisWkThis Week
FictPFiction Parade ToStarToronto Star Weekly
FlynnsFlynn's Detective Weekly WDayWoman's Day
IDMMystery: The Illustrated Detective Magazine WHCWoman's Home Companion
LHJLadies' Home Journal   

Special Conventions

Story Title (serial character)
Novel Nvlet SS Alt
Date(s)Year Coll-
Story Title
if different
Another Woman's HouseLHJ Aug-Dec,19461947    
Bermuda GrapevineAmMag Oct,19381949 FMB  
Blonde from Sumatra, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Sep,19581988 BMS  
Black Bag, TheDrag Feb,1929none    
Bride Cried Murder, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Aug,1959none   ?story length unknown
Brief ReturnRedbk May,19381939    
Calico Dog, The see The Case of the Calico Dog 
Call After Midnight see Call Before Midnight 
Call Before MidnightToStar winter,19641964  Call After Midnight 
Case of the Calico Dog, The (Dare)Delin Sep,19341934 CSD The Calico Dog 
Chiffon Scarf, TheLHJ May-Sep,19391939    
Claret Stick, The (Dare)Delin Jul,19341934 CSD  
Confident Killer, TheThisWk Dec,1957 ser.none   ?story length unknown
Crimson Paw, TheAmMag Oct,19521959 CP  
Cup, the Blade or the Gun, TheLHJ Apr,19611961   condensed
Curious Death of Uncle Justin, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Nov,1957none    
Danger in the DarkSEP Jun-Aug,19361936    
Dangerous Widows (Wickwire)ThisWk Jan,19531988 BMS  
Dark Corridor, TheFlynns Dec,1925none    
Dark Garden, The see The Figure in the Fog 
Date to Die (Wickwire)ThisWk Oct,1954none    
Dead Men's Plans see His House in Order 
Dead Yesterday (Keate)PicRev Sep,1936none   ?story length unknown
Deadly Is the Diamond (Bland)AmMag Jun,19421951    
E-String Murder, ThePopul 1926none    
Easter Devil (Dare)Delin Jun,19341934 CSD  
Empty Inn, The (Keate)IDM Mar,1934none    
Escape the Night see The Sisters 
Express to Danger (Dare)AmMag Feb,19391949 FMB  
Fair WarningLHJ Jan-May,19361936    
Feather Heels (Dare) DelinOct,1935none    
Figure in the Fog, TheRedbk b1933?1933  The Dark Garden 
Final EntrySuspen Oct,1959none   ?story length unknown
Five Passengers From Lisbon see Murder Haunts the Ship 
Flowering Face, The (Dare)Delin May,1935none    
Gate at Number Ninety, The see Something Simple in Black 
Glass Slipper, TheColliers May-Jul,19381938    
Hangman's WhipSEP Mar-Apr,19401940    
Hasty WeddingLHJ Dec,37-Mar,381938    
His House in OrderChTrib Jan-Mar,19521952  Dead Men's Plans 
Hound of the Wellingtons, The see Murder by Night 
House by the Sea, TheWDay Aug-Sep,1959 1972    
House of StormLHJ Apr,1949 1949    
House on the Roof, TheLHJ Apr,19351935    
Hunt With the Hounds see Witness for My Love 
Husband by RequestChTrib Mar-May,19531953  The Unknown Quantity 
HussyIDM May,1934none    
Introducing Miss Susan Dare (Dare)Delin Apr,19341934 CSD Introducing Susan Dare 
Introducing Susan Dare see Introducing Miss Susan Dare 
Jade Cup, The? ?1988 BMS  
Kate ShaneChTrib Aug-Oct,19551959 CP  
Lady Was a Killer, TheThisWk Feb,1957none    
Man MissingChTrib Sep-Nov,19531954    
Man Next Door, TheLHJ Sep,42-Jan,431943    
Man Who Was Missing, The (Dare)Delin Aug,19341934 CSD  
Marked For DeathIDM Nov,1933none   ?story length unknown
Miss Dare in Danger (Dare)MBM Feb,1946none   earliest?
Mr. Wickwire Adds and
? b1959?none    
Mr. Wickwire and the
Wicked Stepmother
ThisWk Feb,1957none    
Mr. Wickwire's Gun Moll (Wickwire)ThisWk Jan,19561988 BMS  
Mr. Wickwire's Widow (Wickwire)? ?     
Murder at the Dog Show? b1958?none   ?story length unknown
Murder by Night (Wickwire)ThisWk 19551988 BMS  also published as
The Hound of the Wellingtons
Murder by Proxy (Dare)Delin May-Jun,1936none    
Murder Goes to Market (Bland)AmMag Jul,19431949 FMB  
Murder Haunts the ShipColliers Jan,1946 ser.1946  Five Passengers From Lisbon 
Murder in a Storm (Dare)Delin Oct,1936none    
Murder in the DarkArgosy Dec,1957none   ?story length unknown
Murder in the Garden1 (Bland)AmMag May,1945none   with Grantland Rice1
Murder in the Rain see The Rain Dripped Death 
Murder in Waltz TimeAmMag May,19531958 DD  
Murder on St. Valentine's Day see The Valentine Murder ?which title first unknown
Murder on the Wall (Keate)IDM Jan,1934none    
Murder With Interest (Wickwire)ThisWk Jun,1955none    
Murders in Federie Manor, TheSDA Jun,1930none    
Mystery of the Night WatchIDM Jan,1933none    
Never Look BackChTrib Aug-Oct,19501951    
No Cry of Murder (Wickwire)ThisWk Jun,1952none    
Old Man's Diamond, The (Keate)IDM Jan?,19341988 BMS  
Pattern, TheLHJ Feb-Jun,19371937    
Postiche (Dare)Delin Aug,1935none    
Premium for MurderArgosy Dec,1958none   ?story length unknown
Prologue to a Play (Dare)FictP May,1935none    
Rain Dripped Death, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Jun,1953none   also published as
Murder in the Rain
Secret Witness, TheWDay Jul-Aug,1958none    
Sisters, TheLHJ Oct,43-Feb,441944  Escape the Night 
Something Simple in BlackEFC May,19601988 BMS The Gate at Number Ninety 
Speak No EvilLHJ Jun-Oct,19401941    
Spider (Dare)Delin May,19341934 CSD  
Terror TrapAmMag Dec,1955none   ?story length unknown
Unidentified WomanChSuTr Jan-Apr,19431943    
Unknown Quantity, The see Husband by Request 
Vacant Room (Dare)FictP Jul,1935none    
Valentine Murder, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Apr,19541988 BMS also published as
Murder on St. Valentine's Day;
?which title first unknown
Wagstaff Pearls, The (Wickwire)ThisWk Sep,19521988 BMS  
Wedding Dress, The (Dare)Delin Apr,1935none    
When the Clocks Struck SevenSuspen Feb,1959none   ?story length unknown
White Dress, TheLHJ Feb-Jun,19451946    
Wings of FearColliers Jul,1944 ser.1945    
With This RingLHJ Jun-Oct,19411941    
Witness for My LoveWHC Jun-Jul,19501950  Hunt With the Hounds 

1. There are no flowers in this garden. The reference is to the famous NYC sports arena, Madison Square Garden. Co-author Grantland Rice was a sports writer who
provided his expertise on boxing in the detailing of the story.

Table 3c: Non-Mystery Short Stories

"P.O. Box 63" Colliers, Mar,1946
"Pink Wings" The American Family, Apr,1951


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