Mignon Eberhart Mystery Bibliography: The Stories

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Table 3a: Serial Characters, Setting Locations, Historical Periods

Serial Characters

Bland, a butler (central character)
Jim Byrne, a reporter (secondary character)
Susan Dare, a writer (central character)
Sarah Keate, a nurse (1st person narrator)
"Madame", a writer (1st person narrator)
Lance O'Leary, a police detective (central character)
Jacob Wait, a police detective (secondary character)
James Wickwire, a bank president (1st person narrator)


  1. The YEAR WRITTEN field gives the best estimate of the year in which the story was written; thus it may be earlier than the publication year of Tables 1a, 1b and 3b. It is based on the copyright date and relevant biographical information.
  2. All settings are US unless otherwise specified; all settings are urban unless otherwise specified.
  3. The season is mentioned in the SETTING field only if the weather significantly affects the action, e.g. snowstorms and hurricanes.
  4. With few exceptions, settings involve the residences and haunts of the well-to-do, and sometimes even the rich and powerful.
  5. This table includes uncollected stories for which at least some information is available.


contemp (PERIOD field) means the historical period of the story is roughly contemporary with the writing of the story as indicated by the YEAR field.
NYC (SETTING field) means "New York City"
+env (SETTING field) means "and environs".
=to= (SETTING field) means the story starts in the place before the =to= and moves to the place after. If the action moves back and forth, "&" is used.

Novel   Alt.title
Novelet   Short Story
Alpine Condo Crossfire1984   northeast; suburban Alpine village; wintercontemp
Another Man's Murder1957  Tampa area lake communitycontemp
Another Woman's House1946  Connecticut mansion on L. I. Soundcontemp (post WWII)
Bayou Road, The1979  New Orleans +envCivil War
Bermuda Grapevine1938  Bermudacontemp
Blond from Sumatra, The1958 WickwireNYCcontemp
Bride Cried Murder, The1959 Wickwire????
Brief Return1938  New England rural estatecontemp
Calico Dog, The1934 Dare, ByrneChicagocontemp
Call After Midnight1964  NYC & Long Islandcontemp
Casa Madrone1980  NYC =to= San Francisco1906, the SF fire
Chiffon Scarf, The1939  St. Louis =to= rural New Mexicocontemp (pre-WWII)
Claret Stick, The1934 Dare, Byrnevillage near Chicagocontemp
Crime at Honotassa, The Br. title forThe Cup, the Blade or the Gun
The Crimson Paw1952  Chicagocontemp
Cup, the Blade or the Gun, The
Br. title: The Crime at Honotassa
1961  New Orleans =to= Mississippi plantationCivil War
Curious Death of Uncle Justin, The1957 Wickwire????
Danger in the Dark Br. title: Hand in Glove 1936Waitestate outside of Chicagocontemp
Danger Money1974  NYC +envcontemp
Dangerous Widows, The1952 Wickwirerural Connecticut estatecontemp
Dark Garden, The Br. title: Death in the Fog1933  north Chicago lakeside estatecontemp
Date to Die1954 Wickwire????
Dead Men's Plans1951  Chicago "Gold Coast" mansioncontemp
Dead Yesterday1936 Keate????
Deadly is the Diamond1942 Bland, MadamNYCcontemp (WWII)
Death in the Fog Br. title for The Dark Garden
Easter Devil1934 Dare, Byrnetown near Chicagocontemp
El Rancho Rio1970  Nevada ranch; wintercontemp
Empty Inn, The1934 Keatehotel in Avignon, Francecontemp
Enemy in the House1962  South Carolina =to= JamaicaAmerican Revolution
Escape the Night1944  Monterey peninsula, Calif.contemp (WWII)
Express to Danger1939 DareChicagocontemp (pre-WWII)
Fair Warning1935 WaitChicago suburbcontemp
Family Affair1981  NYC +envcontemp
Family Fortune1976  West Virginia plantationCivil War
Feather Heels1935 Dare????
Fighting Chance, A1986  Connecticut small towncontemp
Five Passengers From Lisbon1945  ship at sea, Lisbon to UScontemp (post WWII)
Flowering Face, The1935 Dare????
From This Dark Stairway1931 Keate,OLearyhospitalcontemp
Gate at Number Ninety, The1960  NYCcontemp
Glass Slipper, The1938  Chicagocontemp
Hand in Glove Br. title for Danger in the Dark
Hangman's Whip, The1940  Chicago & Wisconsin lake districtcontemp (no mention WWII)
Hasty Wedding1937 WaitChicagocontemp
House by the Sea, The1959  NYC hospital =to= Florida coastcontemp
House of Storm1949  Caribbean island plantation; hurricanecontemp
House on the Roof, The1934  Chicagocontemp
Hunt with the Hounds1950  rural Virginiacontemp
Introducing Susan Dare1934 Dare, ByrneCarolina country estatecontemp
Jade Cup, The??  Chicago 
Jury of One1960  New England small towncontemp
Kate Shane1955  rural Virginiacontemp
Lady Was a Killer, The1957 Wickwire????
Man Missing1953 Keatenaval base in Nevada, hospital +envcontemp
Man Next Door, The1942  Washington, DCcontemp (WWII)
Man Who Was Missing, The1934 Dare, ByrneChicagocontemp
Melora also publ. as The Promise of Murder 1959 NYC; wintercontemp
Message from Hong Kong1968  NYC +env, Hong Kong, San Francisco,
& Tampa (hurricane season)
Miss Dare in Danger?? Dare????
Mr. Wickwire Adds and Subtracts195? Wickwire????
Mr. Wickwire and the Wicked Stepmother1957 Wickwire????
Mr. Wickwire's Gun Moll1955 WickwireNYCcontemp
Mr. Wickwire's Widow195? Wickwire????
Murder by an Aristocrat Br. title: Murder of My Patient 1932Keatesuburban mansioncontemp
Murder by Night1955? Wickwirefarm near NYCcontemp
Murder by Proxy1936 Dare????
Murder Goes to Market1943 Bland, MadamWashington, DCcontemp (WWII)
Murder in a Storm1936 Dare????
Murder in the Garden1945 Bland, MadamNYCcontemp
Murder in Waiting1973  Connecticut rural mansioncontemp
Murder in Waltz Time1953  Florida resortcontemp
Murder of My Patient Br. title for Murder by an Aristocrat
Murder on the Wall1933 Keate????
Murder With Interest1955 Wickwire????
Mystery of Hunting's End, The1930 Keate,OLearyhunting lodge; wintercontemp
Never Look Back1950  NYC +envcontemp
Next of Kin1982  NYCcontemp
Nine O'Clock Tide1977  Long Islandcontemp
No Cry of Murder1952 Wickwire????
Old Man's Diamond, The1933 Keateocean liner, US to Francecontemp
Patient in Cabin C, The1983  yacht at sea, from Long Island southwardcontemp
Patient in Room 18, The1929 Keate,OLearysuburban hospitalcontemp
Pattern, The also publ. as Pattern of Murder 1937Waitisland summer colonycontemp
Pattern of Murder orig. publ. as The Pattern
Postiche1935 Dare????
Postmark Murder1955  Chicagocontemp
Prologue to a Play1935 Dare????
Promise of Murder, The orig. publ. as Melora
R.S.V.P. Murder1965  Nice, France =to= NYC; wintercontemp
Rain Dripped Death, The1953 Wickwire????
Run Scared1963  rural lakefront estatecontemp
Speak No Evil119392  Jamaica2contemp (WWII)2
Spider1934 Dare, ByrneChicagocontemp
Strangers in Flight11941  Jamaicacontemp (WWII)
Three Days for Emeralds1988  NYCcontemp
Two Little Rich Girls1971  NYCcontemp
Unidentified Woman1942  Florida army camp +envpre US entry WWII
Unknown Quantity, The1953  San Francisco =to= lake near NYCcontemp
Vacant Room1935 Dare????
Valentine Murder, The1954 WickwireNYCcontemp
Wagstaff Pearls, The1952 WickwireNYCcontemp
Wedding Dress, The1935 Dare????
While the Patient Slept1930 Keate,OLearysuburban mansion contemp
White Cockatoo, The1933  small town in south of Francecontemp
White Dress, The1945  Florida island estatecontemp (no mention WWII)
Wings of Fear1944  NYC =to= St. Louis =to= Mexico Citycontemp (WWII)
With This Ring1941  estate on outskirts of New Orleanscontemp (no mention WWII)
Witness at Large1966  private island off Long Islandcontemp
Wolf in Man's Clothing1942 Keaterural estate in the Berkshires (Mass.)contemp (WWII)
Woman on the Roof1967  NYC penthousecontemp

1. Hubin's bibliography [6] states that the novel Speak No Evil is an expanded version of the novelet "Stangers in Flight". This is completely untrue; the stories are unrelated.
2. Speak No Evil was essentially completed in 1939 and was originally set in Monte Carlo. The outbreak of war in Europe persuaded Eberhart to recast it in a Jamaica setting,
and delayed its publication until 1941. [3] pp 95,105.


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